Tuesday, 8 December 2015

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Get into gear Stilton!
Stilton got to get in the car that could drive and talk he also got to meet the whole family and the father of the car and his name was solar.
The moon car was trying to kill the sun car but he didn’t get to catch the sun car.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Cultural festival

On\Friday after we came back from Tamaki we also stayed there the whole day, when we went back to school the bell rang then we had to go back home have a shower then get changed also even do our hair when i got to school me Luisa Telasia went to get changed into our Tongan dance close we didn't get to go to the hall and watch the other performance because we had to stay and wait for the others so that we can all go together.

when the Maori group finished their so Angelica came and got changed is well also when the  Newain,Samoan groups finished everyone that was in the Tongan group came so we all got changed and went to the hall to perform\m our dance when we finished we went to stand in a line and just clapping for Alisi because she was dancing to a that is called fakafiafia it is a Tongan song when she finished is well we all went to the back of the hall and took a lot of picture's.

We also went to the office to take heaps on pictures then went to room three to get changed into our normal close then i had to go home.

Technology- Graphics

 On Friday morning I had to drop my little brother to school then I hopped back in the car to go to Tamaki for technology all of the year 7&8 were already there then the bell rang for technology so we all went to our tech class year 8 were in Graphics than the year 7 were in sowing but any ways in Graphics Mr Pineda gave us a worksheet to colour in it was a picture of a Christmas tree for our parents.

Mostly all of us weren’t even finished and some of us was on our second I finished two worksheet and I was nearly going to do my 3rd one but then the bell rang so i didn’t have enough time to do it but then he said i could it next year, All of us was nearly on 2,3 but some was still on our first one but the Christmas tree was really cool was you have to cut it then open it but it was more like a real Christmas tree when you open it.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows

Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows
Thea Stilton met a girls called Colette and they all won when it was time for them to go they called Colette to come and they said thank and that you are like a sister to us.
when she made it they weren’t supporting her on her way when she was going to the Thea Stilton.

Friday, 20 November 2015

reading log

pages read
interesting part of what I read
boring part of what I read
Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows
The Thea Stilton got in the competition when they were performing one by one.
James was trying to lock Colette in the room when it was her turn to perform on the stage.

Mrs Rachel

Today we were learning about identity theft we got a worksheet to do and it was about identity theft when we finished we all had to mark our work that we did and some got it right and some got it wrong when it was all finished our work then she gave us a little work sheet and it to write our date of birth when we were born and what colour hair also the colour of our eyes.

when we finished we all put both of the worksheet that we did in our desk and we also hid it but some of us put the worksheets that we did in the rubbish and ribbed it to pieces she also told us about this old lady went to a game with her ticket and she won &900 she was so excited she post everything of her like her birth certificate on Facebook then someone stole it and she had no more $900.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mrs Rachel

Today we were learning about who do we trust better family,best friend,classmates or strangers of giving them a pencil,DVD,$5 or give them your phone  mostly all of us did family best friends also classmates then Mrs Rachel chose four people to go up to do a play of being kind and being honest the first two that was going to act was Voni, Keti they were acting about giving $5 then pay them back the next day Voni gave Keti $5 because she wanted to buy a magazine then he gave it to Keti then on the next day Keti gave him the $5 that she owed him.

Alisi and Baden was acting out a play of giving the DVD then give it back the next day Baden asked Alisi where is his dvd then Alisi said that she wasn't finished watching the DVD Baden said to Alisi you can watch it one more day then the other day she came back with his DVD he opened it and it was scratched then he asked her what happened Alisi said i don’t know how that got there.

when they were finished doing her play she gave us a worksheet to do it was a reading work that we have to read then fill in the gaps then when we were finished we had to go over the work and some of us got it right and some got it wrong after that we got another worksheet to do  and it was about who do you trust and we had to put in 4 names we trust.

Friday, 13 November 2015


At technology we went into graphics class we sat in groups at the tables then he gave us some paper to work on we had to draw juice boxes on white paper for practice then when got how to draw that box we were making then we a a big blue paper to draw on i was finished drawing so i colored in my picture and block writing words some of us was nearly finished doing their work and mostly all of us were finished drawing then i finished coloring in my work so then all i had to do was just have to color in the border.

when the first bell rang voni and tauola was did there tee shirt and voni did two one for him and one for his sister, me, Alisi,Tauola was on the big blue paper and some other year 8 in graphics.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Dance fever

Today at dance fever we went to sit in a boy girl line then we did our hip hop we learnt new and different moves for the dance fever after we learnt the hip hop we got straight into the zumba the girls had to chose a partner i chose taki and the shadow was sifa when we went through the zumba dance we did new moves and it was the box after that we learnt to do our legs and cross them after that we learnt a new one we were all most finished then we learn how to do a flip with our legs then we finished.

Friday, 25 September 2015

kiwi can

In kiwi can yesterday room 10 & 9 we were sharing our gift from the kiwi can with room 9 me Alisi and also Mrs Toyia we went to cook food in the kitchen while the room 9 also some of the room 10 wen to line up to get there sausage sizzle while me Alisi Mrs toyia,Cherise from room 9 we were helping her do the sausages to take it outside while me and Alisi was inside the kitchen we were giving them chips and drinks then we didn’t give them any-more of the chips,drinks then we were finish me Alisi went outside to get us a sausage sizzle then we cleaned up the kitchen

Get into gear stilton

Get into gear Stilton

When Stilton was going home he stopped and looked around then he said that there are alot of car and cones on the way to his house he saw a dairy then he went to it they asked him would you like something he yes please he said then they gave him a big paper he ordered some food and they gave it to him and he eat.

Friday, 11 September 2015


I think that we should have 1 block of free time is good because we do all of our work before we have 1 whole block of free time we will also need to use our ears to listen.

When we are on free time we should listen to the teacher when to stop,When to play free time on net-book some of us wouldn't listen to the teacher when to stop and when to play.

We all shouldn't shout around the class if we want to have free time on playing with our net-book's we have to earn it by showing respect to the teacher and finishing our work on time.

We should also learn new thing before we have free time on our net-book’s,If we don’t want to have free time then we can just finish off the work that we have to finish instead of the free time,We can show the teacher our work after.

Will only let us have free time when we are being good,But if we are being bad then guess no free time,Then we will be doing work.

Well some of us is doing work and the rest of us playing games on net books we have to be quit plus not to scream around the classroom also we have to respect the teacher.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Duffy assembly

Myron Simpson

Been to 25 countries
Won silver medal in mexico
Omni um events
Aero dynamic - To make him go faster
Bike - carbon fibre - From France

When we were at the Duffy assembly Mrs Raj was saying a few words then Myron Simpson came up  talking about how he won a lot of medal and ridding on his cyclist he also showed us all of his acquirement but he started on his shoes, He showed us where his hole are to put it on the paddle on his cycle also the whole on his shoe to make him ride his cycle faster.

After that he showed us his helmet, It had hole is well and the air goes over the helmet to his neck that is another thing that makes him move faster, Then he showed us his suit it also has little tiny hole on it to like a golf ball, It makes him go faster to then he showed us his cycle then he asked us some question then four people from from room 9 two from room 7 and one from room 8.

The one from room nine was Mateaki, The two from room 7 was Danny,Honey, The last one from room eight, Mateaki was wearing his shoes and Danny was wearing his medal Honey was wearing his helmet the last won was wearing his suit and sat on his bike.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Endeavour ship

Blues Week 7
Text - Exploring the endeavour
Walt - Use illustrations to understand the text

Response activity
Vocabulary (find the meaning of these words)
Read the text and answer these questions.
What are the first two images in the story? There was a big ship with two in-side if it.
What do these tell you about the story? The father was a sea captain he sailed a big when he was 13 years old.
Why do you think they are showing an image with a lot of ropes on the boat? Because they need it for the sails.
What are the images on page 5 telling you about the story? There family is learning about thing and looking.
What are the images on page 8 telling you about the story? Captain cook went to visit New Zealand in the Endeavour in 1769.

Who is telling the story? Marshall and Johanna woods.

What is the story about? The story is about when the nana’s father was the sea captain & the two little boys was on the boat.

Is the Endeavour a famous ship? Why? because the father was the captain of it and captain cook sailed with it to New Zealand.

Who is Captain Cook? Captain cook was a naval captain.

Can you find a picture of a ship the settlers from England travelled on to come to NZ? Insert the picture on this document.
Image result for picture of a ship that travelled from england to nz

What is scurvy? Scurvy is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin.

Was the ship comfortable for people to travel on? Yes because they all had fun.

Would you like to travel on the Endeavour? Why? Maybe because it look fun there.

Make a list of all the parts of the ship which are discussed in this story and insert a picture for each part.
they used the used the rope for the sails.
Image result for The endeavour boat rope for the sails.
They also use the rope to tie on the ship so the wind can blow it.
Image result for The endeavour boat
They went in-side of the ship and saw a lot of thing inside of the endeavour ship.
Image result for The inside of the endeavour boat
When they were going in the boat the boy was driving the ship.
Image result for A little boy driving the endeavour boat
when captain cook came out of the ship he was getting to know other people.
Image result for Captain cook coming in the endeavour boat

Using what you have learnt from this story about ships. Design your own ship which can be used to transport people from one country to another. You can use any drawing app online or draw this using paper.

Share your ship design on your blog.

Screenshot 2015-09-08 at 9.38.23 AM.png

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiwi can

Today at kiwi can we sat in a circle then we played a two games but the first game was called hand circle we have to put our hand over the other hand and out left hand was under there other hand.

when we were playing some of us got out easily because when it is our turn we have to tap our hand on the ground and carry and the rest of us was doing the same thing if one of us does a two tape we have to come back the other way.

then five of us was left playing the games,Mr Nunia told us to get back into a girl,boy circle then we did and we played another game called do's it were jump in jump out turn around touch the ground look up look down.

We played the game twice and when we were finished we sat in a circle and Mr nunia was doing our points and we got 5 for each point then we were finished and went to go line up behind Mrs Tofa

Monday, 31 August 2015

poems is today


Today is the day!
This is the one
Today is the day
We’ll learn and have fun
Today we will grow
Today we’ll be kind
Today is important
Don’t leave it behind
Let’s give it our all
Let’s never stop
We’d better get busy
Before we all…
POP and fly away like a balloon!!!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Police life

My career

Image result for doctorImage result for doctorImage result for doctor
I like to be a doctor because they help people when they need help they also give you medicine when you are feeling sick.

When you need help come to the doctor they will check your heart and see if any where around you is heart.

They will make you sit in a set and whit until your name is called out on their list .
Image result for doctorImage result for doctor
When you heart is feeling kind of weird come to the doctor and they will check your heart and see if it is all right.

When you need help always trust a doctor and they will help you.

Say hi to the doctor before they check you.
Image result for doctorImage result for doctorImage result for doctor
The doctor will write down the reason why thing are happening to you.

Making sure that you are healthy and good,See if you teeth is healthy is well.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

On saturday

After school on Friday we came home and cleaned our house for the prayer night, When every-one arrived at home they came into the lounge they started to talk with my mum then one more family arrived at my house after we all went to the lounge and he asked how are we all we said we were all good when all the little kids went to sit on the ground while the parents sit on the chairs.

After we were just be singing church songs while my uncle play a song and me and my cousin sisters prays we also had to turn of the lights then we all finished praying and singing, My sister went to turn on the light, After we went to the  kitchen and sat down on the chair.

While my mum was cooking food we were all just talking and laughing, My mum was finished cooking the food so she came and gave it to us to eat all the little kids were the first one to finished there food and me to we went to play outside with every-one but the parents were in-side talking.

Then they told us to come inside so we went in-side because they were gonna go but my two cousins slept over my house when they were all gone we went to the lounge and told scary stories then we got tired and went to sleep.

When we woke up in the morning we cleaned up our bed and brushed out teeth then went down to eat breakfast we done a lot of fun things and went to pak n save bought a lot of thing but most of the food was drunk food.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I got help when we were using decimals .
Today when we were doing maths I have learnt that small number can be bigger than bigger numbers like 0.9 is bigger than 0.71 because 0.9 has more tenths than 0.71.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The man who was all alone and sad

One man who name was mike he was all alone and he was sad because he and no one to talk or play with he was alone and he went to his house it was a really big house no one lived with him he lived all by himself and when people walk by his house he will always look at them  because they talk to each-other and play he was just looking and people didn’t like him because he was a man who didn't like any-one.

When people walk past his house they will talk about his house and say that he is a lonely man  and never had any kids or a wife and had no friends at all he will just stay in the lounge and listen to the radio and see what is happening when he go for shopping he will always try to talk to someone but they will always ignore him and walk away so he just buy the stuff he wants  and go back to his house.

When he came back home he was just watching tv and eating popcorn he bought and when he is tired he will go around the house and lock the doors and go to his room up the stairs and when it was morning he meet another man he was just like him all alone in a big house when they were talking to each other and saying hi,how are you then they became friends and they lived together then after that they painted their house.

When they painted their house the colour was blue and it looked like a new house and they meet two womans and they both got married and had children and they lived in the same house because it was so big and alot of people could stay in there but it was only Mike and his wife Nora with there three kids and mike friends John and his wife Grace and there five children they were so happy that they became friends and had wives and kids.

The older the kids went the taller they went and there parents went old and Mike,Nora,John,Grace was so happy because they got what they wanted and Mike and Nora kids name was Sam,Jay,Tom and John and Grace’s kids name was Ola,Sera,beta,mark,Joe and all their kids went to buy there own house and lived there and the youngest one’s had to stay with their parents and look after them.

When they all had a family meeting all of them came then they were talking to each other and the parents said when they die the oldest is in charge and when they died they were happy because they had all they wanted and they all went to their fr-enroll                                                                                                                                                                                  

Weekly quiz

1. Top Kiwi sportsman Nick Willis says he’s not surprised at the recent claims of large scale doping (use of performance enhancing drugs) occurring in his sport. In which sport is Nick Willis involved? •
a. cycling.
b. running
c. shot put.

2. Tiwai Point aluminium smelter is New Zealand’s largest consumer of electricity and has been in the news recently. Near which city is it located? •
a. Hamilton •
b. Nelson •
c. Invercargill

3. What severe weather event hit Iraq and Iran last week?
a. severe dust storms 
b. a heat wave •
c. destructive hail storms

Which Royal will be visiting New Zealand in November? •
a. Princess Anne •
b. the Queen 
c. Prince Charles

5. Why is the International Olympic Committee concerned about some of the swimming events in next year’s Rio de Janeiro Games? •
a. the indoor Olympic pool has been measured and it is not the right length •
b. there has been an increase in shark sightings where the triathlon will be held 
c. there are dangerously high levels of viruses caused by sewage where events will be held

The Laneway Festival is having difficulty finding a venue for February and may have to be moved to Wellington. What type of Festival is Laneway? •
a. an art festival •
b. a light festival •
c. a music festival 

7. University student unions are saying the Government needs to increase the loan students can get to cover ‘course related costs’. How much is the current course related costs loan limit? •
a. $200
b. $1000 
c. $5000

8. Which country is marking the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima? •
a. China 
b. Japan •
c. Germany

9. Why was Valerie Adams in the news last week? •
a. she has just won another World Championship title for shot put 
b. she has decided to retire from shot put •
c. she has decided to withdraw from this year’s World Athletics Championship due to injury

10.Adidas have announced the ‘new look’ for the All Blacks Rugby World Cup campaign boots. What colour are they? •
a. completely silver 
b. completely black •
c. completely white

11. Why was an Australian stuntman in the news last week? •
a. he rode a wave on a motorbike •
b. he rode a wild rhinoceros •
c. he completed the highest skydive ever attempted 

12. Why was the Taranaki town of Opunake in the news last week? •
a. they were hit by a tornado •
b. heavy rain caused flooding in the town 
c. a light plane made an emergency landing on the fields of the local school

13. What is second most populated city in Australia? GioNames

14. Which world leader recently posted the following statement on Facebook? “Our climate is changing. It's changing in ways that threaten our economy, our security, and our health. This isn't opinion, it’s fact” •
a. Tony Abbott •
b. Barack Obama 
c. John Key

15. True or false, Australia won the Bledisloe Cup by beating the All Blacks at the weekend? true

Friday, 7 August 2015

My Quiz
You can try out my Quiz
how I did it I was doing question and doing the right answer

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

S for surprise

The book Me and Dallas was reading was  S for surprise and it was about a little boy Josh and his mum collecting thing to his matchbox and they had to collect thirty two collection and Josh was telling his little sister and his mum to hurry and look for some more thing to put in his matchbox and it still wasn't fill he found some thing in his room  and a dead spider in his room with missing leg and he put it in his matchbox.

When they looked at dad plate it was still full of food and he cut off a sleeve off and gave it to them for there collection  when mum was cooking dinner Josh told his mum to hurry and she said nearly finished doing dinner and when it was nearly nine thirty, he finally started going through the competition.

Josh said I will open this box from Tess and Joshua and we almost stopped breathing then after he laughed and gave him a shout ouch A sand-fly bit me and he said where did it come from then he said I am going to put it in our then he finally had thirty one who cares because we are watching movies with ice-cream.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Monday, 20 July 2015

My holiday's

When it was the two weeks holidays on Thursday me and church youth went to Sylvia park to watch movies, we had to wait for my mum to come back with the thing that she bought for the youth  then we went up the elevator to go to the movies  to watch Ant Man but before we went in-side we took a picture first then we were finished.

And went in-side to the movie everyone had to sit in two and we were all peared up into partner’s and the movie began the movie was about a man named Scott and how he worked for a man and gave his sote to wear and he wore it they were fighting over the sote and Scott won

All of them then the movie finished after that we went to go to our youth practice and we learned our dance to perform on Sunday and we went back home.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

maths work

Today we have been working on maths and work it out, get in to baddies and work it out together put our hands up to tell how we worked it out and our strategy and tell our answer later.

How many tonnes of weight did it deliver at town A?

My strategy was a rectangle with 6 squares in it and put 10 10 10 10 10 10
and a longer rectangle 10 squares in it and put these numbers in it 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6.  

She delivered 6 tonnes to town A.

Some of them was difficult to do because i got stuck then i got the hang of it and got the answer right.

I need to learn to put these words on my math Denominator, Numerator.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Science in room 7

In room seven we went to go and sit in our house groups we were making bread dough and Mrs Parker called up six girls which was me, Manuae,Dallas, Alisi, Kyana, Touola. We went to go and wash our hands and when we came back we all had a turn to fold the dough and squash it and keep on repeating the same pattern.

When we were all finished having a turn she called the rest of the class to go wash there hands so they can have a turn after that we all had a turn we all sat back down in our house line Mrs Parker told us to go and sit in a table and write what we did then after 2 minutes she called us to come and sit back down in our house line.

then she filled a bottle of water and yeast, sugar,salt,flour and pop a balloon on the top of it and put it next to the window when we left it there for a while the balloon got bigger and bigger then after that we had to sit in our house line again after that she did the same thin to a big bowl but she pour in the whole warm water in to the big bowl when she was finished mixing it she let us smell, it was kinda smelly then she put it next to the window.

After a while the bowl was on the sun and Mrs Parker went to go and get it she luted us smell it and it smelt like bear and she put it in a jar and started shaking it  Then it turned in to butter and she used it for the bread after that she put some powder in a balloon and some vinegar in to the bottle and then she tipped the powder in to the bottle and it made some gas in to the balloon and the balloon went bigger then the first one.
After that we ate the bread when it was cooked.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Science Intensive Week - Week 10

our home work

Science Intensive Week - Week 10

science intensive week - week ten

Science Intensive Week - Week 10 ROOM 9

Activity 1 - Inquiry - Wednesday 24/10/10
1.What is science? In the intervening period between the time mentioned and the time under consideration,typically the present.

2. What is matter? Physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit, be important or significant.  

3. What are the three states of matter? The three states of matter are the three distinct physical forms that matter can take in most environments : solid, liquid, and gas. In extreme environments, other states may be present, such as plasma, bose-Einstein condensates, and neutron stars

  1. 4. What is a chemical change? chemical change is any change that results in the formation of new chemical substances. At the molecular level, chemical change involves making or breaking of bonds between atoms. These changes are chemical: iron rusting (iron oxide forms) gasoline burning (water vapor and carbon dioxide form)

  1. 5. What is a physical change? A physical change is any change NOT involving a change in the substance's chemical identity. Here are some examples: any phase change. Moving between solid, liquid and gas involves only the amount of energy in the sample this amount is the subject of future lessons.

     6. What is a solution?  A liquid mixture in which the minor component the solute is       uniformly distributed within the major component the solvent.

     7. What is a mixture? A combination different things in which the component elements are individually distinct.

  1.      8. What is evaporation? Evaporation is a type of vaporization of a liquid that occurs from the surface of a liquid into a gaseous phase that is not saturated with the evaporating substance. The other type of vaporization is boiling, which is characterized by bubbles of saturated vapor forming in the liquid phase.

     9. What is condensation? water which collects as droplets on cold surface when humid air is in contact with it.

     10. What is transpiration? Transpiration is essentially evaporation of water plant leaves.

     11. What is the meaning of the word Hypothesis? A proposition, set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specified group of phenomena.

     12. What is precipitation? The action or process of precipitating a substance from solution.

Activity 2 - Chemical or Physical

Because paper just burn then turns black and floats in the air like ashes.
2. Adding salt to water
When you fill up a cup of water and pour in salt it will just sit at the bottom of the cup.
3. Frying an egg
because sometime it will stick on the pan.
4. Melting an ice-block
the ice mix together and make stains on the table.
5. Rotting orange
If you leave the orange on the table for more than five days it will be rotten.
6. Rusting nail
if you try and build with a rusting nail it will break.
you can fire them at night-time.
8. Baking
you can bake food for your whole family.
9. Raining
when it is finished rain it will be going to the water cycle.
Activity 3 - How do we know a chemical reaction has taken place?

If there is a chemical reaction, one of the following will happen?

  1. It will change colour
  2. The temperature  will change.
  3. It fizzes, meaning a given is given off.
  4. There might be a different solid.