Monday, 31 August 2015

poems is today


Today is the day!
This is the one
Today is the day
We’ll learn and have fun
Today we will grow
Today we’ll be kind
Today is important
Don’t leave it behind
Let’s give it our all
Let’s never stop
We’d better get busy
Before we all…
POP and fly away like a balloon!!!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Police life

My career

Image result for doctorImage result for doctorImage result for doctor
I like to be a doctor because they help people when they need help they also give you medicine when you are feeling sick.

When you need help come to the doctor they will check your heart and see if any where around you is heart.

They will make you sit in a set and whit until your name is called out on their list .
Image result for doctorImage result for doctor
When you heart is feeling kind of weird come to the doctor and they will check your heart and see if it is all right.

When you need help always trust a doctor and they will help you.

Say hi to the doctor before they check you.
Image result for doctorImage result for doctorImage result for doctor
The doctor will write down the reason why thing are happening to you.

Making sure that you are healthy and good,See if you teeth is healthy is well.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

On saturday

After school on Friday we came home and cleaned our house for the prayer night, When every-one arrived at home they came into the lounge they started to talk with my mum then one more family arrived at my house after we all went to the lounge and he asked how are we all we said we were all good when all the little kids went to sit on the ground while the parents sit on the chairs.

After we were just be singing church songs while my uncle play a song and me and my cousin sisters prays we also had to turn of the lights then we all finished praying and singing, My sister went to turn on the light, After we went to the  kitchen and sat down on the chair.

While my mum was cooking food we were all just talking and laughing, My mum was finished cooking the food so she came and gave it to us to eat all the little kids were the first one to finished there food and me to we went to play outside with every-one but the parents were in-side talking.

Then they told us to come inside so we went in-side because they were gonna go but my two cousins slept over my house when they were all gone we went to the lounge and told scary stories then we got tired and went to sleep.

When we woke up in the morning we cleaned up our bed and brushed out teeth then went down to eat breakfast we done a lot of fun things and went to pak n save bought a lot of thing but most of the food was drunk food.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I got help when we were using decimals .
Today when we were doing maths I have learnt that small number can be bigger than bigger numbers like 0.9 is bigger than 0.71 because 0.9 has more tenths than 0.71.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The man who was all alone and sad

One man who name was mike he was all alone and he was sad because he and no one to talk or play with he was alone and he went to his house it was a really big house no one lived with him he lived all by himself and when people walk by his house he will always look at them  because they talk to each-other and play he was just looking and people didn’t like him because he was a man who didn't like any-one.

When people walk past his house they will talk about his house and say that he is a lonely man  and never had any kids or a wife and had no friends at all he will just stay in the lounge and listen to the radio and see what is happening when he go for shopping he will always try to talk to someone but they will always ignore him and walk away so he just buy the stuff he wants  and go back to his house.

When he came back home he was just watching tv and eating popcorn he bought and when he is tired he will go around the house and lock the doors and go to his room up the stairs and when it was morning he meet another man he was just like him all alone in a big house when they were talking to each other and saying hi,how are you then they became friends and they lived together then after that they painted their house.

When they painted their house the colour was blue and it looked like a new house and they meet two womans and they both got married and had children and they lived in the same house because it was so big and alot of people could stay in there but it was only Mike and his wife Nora with there three kids and mike friends John and his wife Grace and there five children they were so happy that they became friends and had wives and kids.

The older the kids went the taller they went and there parents went old and Mike,Nora,John,Grace was so happy because they got what they wanted and Mike and Nora kids name was Sam,Jay,Tom and John and Grace’s kids name was Ola,Sera,beta,mark,Joe and all their kids went to buy there own house and lived there and the youngest one’s had to stay with their parents and look after them.

When they all had a family meeting all of them came then they were talking to each other and the parents said when they die the oldest is in charge and when they died they were happy because they had all they wanted and they all went to their fr-enroll                                                                                                                                                                                  

Weekly quiz

1. Top Kiwi sportsman Nick Willis says he’s not surprised at the recent claims of large scale doping (use of performance enhancing drugs) occurring in his sport. In which sport is Nick Willis involved? •
a. cycling.
b. running
c. shot put.

2. Tiwai Point aluminium smelter is New Zealand’s largest consumer of electricity and has been in the news recently. Near which city is it located? •
a. Hamilton •
b. Nelson •
c. Invercargill

3. What severe weather event hit Iraq and Iran last week?
a. severe dust storms 
b. a heat wave •
c. destructive hail storms

Which Royal will be visiting New Zealand in November? •
a. Princess Anne •
b. the Queen 
c. Prince Charles

5. Why is the International Olympic Committee concerned about some of the swimming events in next year’s Rio de Janeiro Games? •
a. the indoor Olympic pool has been measured and it is not the right length •
b. there has been an increase in shark sightings where the triathlon will be held 
c. there are dangerously high levels of viruses caused by sewage where events will be held

The Laneway Festival is having difficulty finding a venue for February and may have to be moved to Wellington. What type of Festival is Laneway? •
a. an art festival •
b. a light festival •
c. a music festival 

7. University student unions are saying the Government needs to increase the loan students can get to cover ‘course related costs’. How much is the current course related costs loan limit? •
a. $200
b. $1000 
c. $5000

8. Which country is marking the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima? •
a. China 
b. Japan •
c. Germany

9. Why was Valerie Adams in the news last week? •
a. she has just won another World Championship title for shot put 
b. she has decided to retire from shot put •
c. she has decided to withdraw from this year’s World Athletics Championship due to injury

10.Adidas have announced the ‘new look’ for the All Blacks Rugby World Cup campaign boots. What colour are they? •
a. completely silver 
b. completely black •
c. completely white

11. Why was an Australian stuntman in the news last week? •
a. he rode a wave on a motorbike •
b. he rode a wild rhinoceros •
c. he completed the highest skydive ever attempted 

12. Why was the Taranaki town of Opunake in the news last week? •
a. they were hit by a tornado •
b. heavy rain caused flooding in the town 
c. a light plane made an emergency landing on the fields of the local school

13. What is second most populated city in Australia? GioNames

14. Which world leader recently posted the following statement on Facebook? “Our climate is changing. It's changing in ways that threaten our economy, our security, and our health. This isn't opinion, it’s fact” •
a. Tony Abbott •
b. Barack Obama 
c. John Key

15. True or false, Australia won the Bledisloe Cup by beating the All Blacks at the weekend? true

Friday, 7 August 2015

My Quiz
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how I did it I was doing question and doing the right answer