Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Mapa and ramonadel's poster

This picture shows an island which I created with my group. The graves is something that the survivors have to follow to get them to safety, the drawing on the bottom right corner has water to drink and fishes to eat and there is also a fruit tree to eat. On the bottom left corner are things that we have to survive. Our shelter is made out of mud and the roof is made out of medal wavy things. The star on the top is where me and my group came from but we landed somewhere else in a mysterious island called the death of your life because it is full of ghost and full of people who kill other, When we fall in the island a chain saw man who killed mostly all the people who went there, he tried to kill us too but Chelsea was telling us instruction to do and we done what was told to us because Chelsea was the leader, Quasia was getting the food, and I was getting water while Ramonadel made the shelter.    

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Olympic poster

Screenshot 2016-08-18 at 09.42.54.png

People winning their olympics and being happy also when they lost they are still happy because they had fun but some people do gym to be more fit for their olympics they are gonna do, and when they are about to start they will do their posses also some of them running with their fire some are running with their flags to try complete and so other people can know what country they are from, it is also good for other country to try out new thing winning their medals, which is Gold,Silver and also bronze they should all be happy for what they have done to make their country happy and also their family to be happy for them.

They also show respect for their country and ood and being happy for them self is they lose or if they win the game they played in the olympics 2016 they should be happy for other people when they win and also if they really wanted to really win they would try their best to win but they should still be happy for other that has won the olympics at least they had fun playing the olympics and being happy,successful,respectful,integrity also also being really excellent.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

reading blog

Get into gear Stilton!
Stilton got to get in the car that could drive and talk he also got to meet the whole family and the father of the car and his name was solar.
The moon car was trying to kill the sun car but he didn’t get to catch the sun car.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Cultural festival

On\Friday after we came back from Tamaki we also stayed there the whole day, when we went back to school the bell rang then we had to go back home have a shower then get changed also even do our hair when i got to school me Luisa Telasia went to get changed into our Tongan dance close we didn't get to go to the hall and watch the other performance because we had to stay and wait for the others so that we can all go together.

when the Maori group finished their so Angelica came and got changed is well also when the  Newain,Samoan groups finished everyone that was in the Tongan group came so we all got changed and went to the hall to perform\m our dance when we finished we went to stand in a line and just clapping for Alisi because she was dancing to a that is called fakafiafia it is a Tongan song when she finished is well we all went to the back of the hall and took a lot of picture's.

We also went to the office to take heaps on pictures then went to room three to get changed into our normal close then i had to go home.

Technology- Graphics

 On Friday morning I had to drop my little brother to school then I hopped back in the car to go to Tamaki for technology all of the year 7&8 were already there then the bell rang for technology so we all went to our tech class year 8 were in Graphics than the year 7 were in sowing but any ways in Graphics Mr Pineda gave us a worksheet to colour in it was a picture of a Christmas tree for our parents.

Mostly all of us weren’t even finished and some of us was on our second I finished two worksheet and I was nearly going to do my 3rd one but then the bell rang so i didn’t have enough time to do it but then he said i could it next year, All of us was nearly on 2,3 but some was still on our first one but the Christmas tree was really cool was you have to cut it then open it but it was more like a real Christmas tree when you open it.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows

Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows
Thea Stilton met a girls called Colette and they all won when it was time for them to go they called Colette to come and they said thank and that you are like a sister to us.
when she made it they weren’t supporting her on her way when she was going to the Thea Stilton.

Friday, 20 November 2015

reading log

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Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows
The Thea Stilton got in the competition when they were performing one by one.
James was trying to lock Colette in the room when it was her turn to perform on the stage.