Monday, 7 December 2015

Technology- Graphics

 On Friday morning I had to drop my little brother to school then I hopped back in the car to go to Tamaki for technology all of the year 7&8 were already there then the bell rang for technology so we all went to our tech class year 8 were in Graphics than the year 7 were in sowing but any ways in Graphics Mr Pineda gave us a worksheet to colour in it was a picture of a Christmas tree for our parents.

Mostly all of us weren’t even finished and some of us was on our second I finished two worksheet and I was nearly going to do my 3rd one but then the bell rang so i didn’t have enough time to do it but then he said i could it next year, All of us was nearly on 2,3 but some was still on our first one but the Christmas tree was really cool was you have to cut it then open it but it was more like a real Christmas tree when you open it.

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