Thursday, 1 September 2016

Olympic poster

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People winning their olympics and being happy also when they lost they are still happy because they had fun but some people do gym to be more fit for their olympics they are gonna do, and when they are about to start they will do their posses also some of them running with their fire some are running with their flags to try complete and so other people can know what country they are from, it is also good for other country to try out new thing winning their medals, which is Gold,Silver and also bronze they should all be happy for what they have done to make their country happy and also their family to be happy for them.

They also show respect for their country and ood and being happy for them self is they lose or if they win the game they played in the olympics 2016 they should be happy for other people when they win and also if they really wanted to really win they would try their best to win but they should still be happy for other that has won the olympics at least they had fun playing the olympics and being happy,successful,respectful,integrity also also being really excellent.

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