Friday, 11 September 2015


I think that we should have 1 block of free time is good because we do all of our work before we have 1 whole block of free time we will also need to use our ears to listen.

When we are on free time we should listen to the teacher when to stop,When to play free time on net-book some of us wouldn't listen to the teacher when to stop and when to play.

We all shouldn't shout around the class if we want to have free time on playing with our net-book's we have to earn it by showing respect to the teacher and finishing our work on time.

We should also learn new thing before we have free time on our net-book’s,If we don’t want to have free time then we can just finish off the work that we have to finish instead of the free time,We can show the teacher our work after.

Will only let us have free time when we are being good,But if we are being bad then guess no free time,Then we will be doing work.

Well some of us is doing work and the rest of us playing games on net books we have to be quit plus not to scream around the classroom also we have to respect the teacher.

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Mrs Tofa said...

Interesting points of argument there Fine. Just some editing needs in your writing. Looks like you are using the checklist too which is great.

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