Friday, 25 September 2015

kiwi can

In kiwi can yesterday room 10 & 9 we were sharing our gift from the kiwi can with room 9 me Alisi and also Mrs Toyia we went to cook food in the kitchen while the room 9 also some of the room 10 wen to line up to get there sausage sizzle while me Alisi Mrs toyia,Cherise from room 9 we were helping her do the sausages to take it outside while me and Alisi was inside the kitchen we were giving them chips and drinks then we didn’t give them any-more of the chips,drinks then we were finish me Alisi went outside to get us a sausage sizzle then we cleaned up the kitchen

Get into gear stilton

Get into gear Stilton

When Stilton was going home he stopped and looked around then he said that there are alot of car and cones on the way to his house he saw a dairy then he went to it they asked him would you like something he yes please he said then they gave him a big paper he ordered some food and they gave it to him and he eat.

Friday, 11 September 2015


I think that we should have 1 block of free time is good because we do all of our work before we have 1 whole block of free time we will also need to use our ears to listen.

When we are on free time we should listen to the teacher when to stop,When to play free time on net-book some of us wouldn't listen to the teacher when to stop and when to play.

We all shouldn't shout around the class if we want to have free time on playing with our net-book's we have to earn it by showing respect to the teacher and finishing our work on time.

We should also learn new thing before we have free time on our net-book’s,If we don’t want to have free time then we can just finish off the work that we have to finish instead of the free time,We can show the teacher our work after.

Will only let us have free time when we are being good,But if we are being bad then guess no free time,Then we will be doing work.

Well some of us is doing work and the rest of us playing games on net books we have to be quit plus not to scream around the classroom also we have to respect the teacher.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Duffy assembly

Myron Simpson

Been to 25 countries
Won silver medal in mexico
Omni um events
Aero dynamic - To make him go faster
Bike - carbon fibre - From France

When we were at the Duffy assembly Mrs Raj was saying a few words then Myron Simpson came up  talking about how he won a lot of medal and ridding on his cyclist he also showed us all of his acquirement but he started on his shoes, He showed us where his hole are to put it on the paddle on his cycle also the whole on his shoe to make him ride his cycle faster.

After that he showed us his helmet, It had hole is well and the air goes over the helmet to his neck that is another thing that makes him move faster, Then he showed us his suit it also has little tiny hole on it to like a golf ball, It makes him go faster to then he showed us his cycle then he asked us some question then four people from from room 9 two from room 7 and one from room 8.

The one from room nine was Mateaki, The two from room 7 was Danny,Honey, The last one from room eight, Mateaki was wearing his shoes and Danny was wearing his medal Honey was wearing his helmet the last won was wearing his suit and sat on his bike.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Endeavour ship

Blues Week 7
Text - Exploring the endeavour
Walt - Use illustrations to understand the text

Response activity
Vocabulary (find the meaning of these words)
Read the text and answer these questions.
What are the first two images in the story? There was a big ship with two in-side if it.
What do these tell you about the story? The father was a sea captain he sailed a big when he was 13 years old.
Why do you think they are showing an image with a lot of ropes on the boat? Because they need it for the sails.
What are the images on page 5 telling you about the story? There family is learning about thing and looking.
What are the images on page 8 telling you about the story? Captain cook went to visit New Zealand in the Endeavour in 1769.

Who is telling the story? Marshall and Johanna woods.

What is the story about? The story is about when the nana’s father was the sea captain & the two little boys was on the boat.

Is the Endeavour a famous ship? Why? because the father was the captain of it and captain cook sailed with it to New Zealand.

Who is Captain Cook? Captain cook was a naval captain.

Can you find a picture of a ship the settlers from England travelled on to come to NZ? Insert the picture on this document.
Image result for picture of a ship that travelled from england to nz

What is scurvy? Scurvy is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin.

Was the ship comfortable for people to travel on? Yes because they all had fun.

Would you like to travel on the Endeavour? Why? Maybe because it look fun there.

Make a list of all the parts of the ship which are discussed in this story and insert a picture for each part.
they used the used the rope for the sails.
Image result for The endeavour boat rope for the sails.
They also use the rope to tie on the ship so the wind can blow it.
Image result for The endeavour boat
They went in-side of the ship and saw a lot of thing inside of the endeavour ship.
Image result for The inside of the endeavour boat
When they were going in the boat the boy was driving the ship.
Image result for A little boy driving the endeavour boat
when captain cook came out of the ship he was getting to know other people.
Image result for Captain cook coming in the endeavour boat

Using what you have learnt from this story about ships. Design your own ship which can be used to transport people from one country to another. You can use any drawing app online or draw this using paper.

Share your ship design on your blog.

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiwi can

Today at kiwi can we sat in a circle then we played a two games but the first game was called hand circle we have to put our hand over the other hand and out left hand was under there other hand.

when we were playing some of us got out easily because when it is our turn we have to tap our hand on the ground and carry and the rest of us was doing the same thing if one of us does a two tape we have to come back the other way.

then five of us was left playing the games,Mr Nunia told us to get back into a girl,boy circle then we did and we played another game called do's it were jump in jump out turn around touch the ground look up look down.

We played the game twice and when we were finished we sat in a circle and Mr nunia was doing our points and we got 5 for each point then we were finished and went to go line up behind Mrs Tofa