Wednesday, 29 July 2015

S for surprise

The book Me and Dallas was reading was  S for surprise and it was about a little boy Josh and his mum collecting thing to his matchbox and they had to collect thirty two collection and Josh was telling his little sister and his mum to hurry and look for some more thing to put in his matchbox and it still wasn't fill he found some thing in his room  and a dead spider in his room with missing leg and he put it in his matchbox.

When they looked at dad plate it was still full of food and he cut off a sleeve off and gave it to them for there collection  when mum was cooking dinner Josh told his mum to hurry and she said nearly finished doing dinner and when it was nearly nine thirty, he finally started going through the competition.

Josh said I will open this box from Tess and Joshua and we almost stopped breathing then after he laughed and gave him a shout ouch A sand-fly bit me and he said where did it come from then he said I am going to put it in our then he finally had thirty one who cares because we are watching movies with ice-cream.

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Mrs Tofa said...

Did you and Dallas enjoy the story?

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