Monday, 20 July 2015

My holiday's

When it was the two weeks holidays on Thursday me and church youth went to Sylvia park to watch movies, we had to wait for my mum to come back with the thing that she bought for the youth  then we went up the elevator to go to the movies  to watch Ant Man but before we went in-side we took a picture first then we were finished.

And went in-side to the movie everyone had to sit in two and we were all peared up into partner’s and the movie began the movie was about a man named Scott and how he worked for a man and gave his sote to wear and he wore it they were fighting over the sote and Scott won

All of them then the movie finished after that we went to go to our youth practice and we learned our dance to perform on Sunday and we went back home.

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Erina said...

Wow Fine I that so cool I would not mine going to see Ant-Man.But what else did you do.Like what other interesting thing you did in that day.You just want to add a little bit more detail to it.
Also Keep It Up!

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