Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiwi can

Today at kiwi can we sat in a circle then we played a two games but the first game was called hand circle we have to put our hand over the other hand and out left hand was under there other hand.

when we were playing some of us got out easily because when it is our turn we have to tap our hand on the ground and carry and the rest of us was doing the same thing if one of us does a two tape we have to come back the other way.

then five of us was left playing the games,Mr Nunia told us to get back into a girl,boy circle then we did and we played another game called do's it were jump in jump out turn around touch the ground look up look down.

We played the game twice and when we were finished we sat in a circle and Mr nunia was doing our points and we got 5 for each point then we were finished and went to go line up behind Mrs Tofa

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