Thursday, 10 September 2015

Duffy assembly

Myron Simpson

Been to 25 countries
Won silver medal in mexico
Omni um events
Aero dynamic - To make him go faster
Bike - carbon fibre - From France

When we were at the Duffy assembly Mrs Raj was saying a few words then Myron Simpson came up  talking about how he won a lot of medal and ridding on his cyclist he also showed us all of his acquirement but he started on his shoes, He showed us where his hole are to put it on the paddle on his cycle also the whole on his shoe to make him ride his cycle faster.

After that he showed us his helmet, It had hole is well and the air goes over the helmet to his neck that is another thing that makes him move faster, Then he showed us his suit it also has little tiny hole on it to like a golf ball, It makes him go faster to then he showed us his cycle then he asked us some question then four people from from room 9 two from room 7 and one from room 8.

The one from room nine was Mateaki, The two from room 7 was Danny,Honey, The last one from room eight, Mateaki was wearing his shoes and Danny was wearing his medal Honey was wearing his helmet the last won was wearing his suit and sat on his bike.

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