Monday, 7 December 2015

Cultural festival

On\Friday after we came back from Tamaki we also stayed there the whole day, when we went back to school the bell rang then we had to go back home have a shower then get changed also even do our hair when i got to school me Luisa Telasia went to get changed into our Tongan dance close we didn't get to go to the hall and watch the other performance because we had to stay and wait for the others so that we can all go together.

when the Maori group finished their so Angelica came and got changed is well also when the  Newain,Samoan groups finished everyone that was in the Tongan group came so we all got changed and went to the hall to perform\m our dance when we finished we went to stand in a line and just clapping for Alisi because she was dancing to a that is called fakafiafia it is a Tongan song when she finished is well we all went to the back of the hall and took a lot of picture's.

We also went to the office to take heaps on pictures then went to room three to get changed into our normal close then i had to go home.

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