Thursday, 27 August 2015

On saturday

After school on Friday we came home and cleaned our house for the prayer night, When every-one arrived at home they came into the lounge they started to talk with my mum then one more family arrived at my house after we all went to the lounge and he asked how are we all we said we were all good when all the little kids went to sit on the ground while the parents sit on the chairs.

After we were just be singing church songs while my uncle play a song and me and my cousin sisters prays we also had to turn of the lights then we all finished praying and singing, My sister went to turn on the light, After we went to the  kitchen and sat down on the chair.

While my mum was cooking food we were all just talking and laughing, My mum was finished cooking the food so she came and gave it to us to eat all the little kids were the first one to finished there food and me to we went to play outside with every-one but the parents were in-side talking.

Then they told us to come inside so we went in-side because they were gonna go but my two cousins slept over my house when they were all gone we went to the lounge and told scary stories then we got tired and went to sleep.

When we woke up in the morning we cleaned up our bed and brushed out teeth then went down to eat breakfast we done a lot of fun things and went to pak n save bought a lot of thing but most of the food was drunk food.

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