Friday, 26 June 2015

Science in room 7

In room seven we went to go and sit in our house groups we were making bread dough and Mrs Parker called up six girls which was me, Manuae,Dallas, Alisi, Kyana, Touola. We went to go and wash our hands and when we came back we all had a turn to fold the dough and squash it and keep on repeating the same pattern.

When we were all finished having a turn she called the rest of the class to go wash there hands so they can have a turn after that we all had a turn we all sat back down in our house line Mrs Parker told us to go and sit in a table and write what we did then after 2 minutes she called us to come and sit back down in our house line.

then she filled a bottle of water and yeast, sugar,salt,flour and pop a balloon on the top of it and put it next to the window when we left it there for a while the balloon got bigger and bigger then after that we had to sit in our house line again after that she did the same thin to a big bowl but she pour in the whole warm water in to the big bowl when she was finished mixing it she let us smell, it was kinda smelly then she put it next to the window.

After a while the bowl was on the sun and Mrs Parker went to go and get it she luted us smell it and it smelt like bear and she put it in a jar and started shaking it  Then it turned in to butter and she used it for the bread after that she put some powder in a balloon and some vinegar in to the bottle and then she tipped the powder in to the bottle and it made some gas in to the balloon and the balloon went bigger then the first one.
After that we ate the bread when it was cooked.

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