Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mrs Rachel

Today we were learning about who do we trust better family,best friend,classmates or strangers of giving them a pencil,DVD,$5 or give them your phone  mostly all of us did family best friends also classmates then Mrs Rachel chose four people to go up to do a play of being kind and being honest the first two that was going to act was Voni, Keti they were acting about giving $5 then pay them back the next day Voni gave Keti $5 because she wanted to buy a magazine then he gave it to Keti then on the next day Keti gave him the $5 that she owed him.

Alisi and Baden was acting out a play of giving the DVD then give it back the next day Baden asked Alisi where is his dvd then Alisi said that she wasn't finished watching the DVD Baden said to Alisi you can watch it one more day then the other day she came back with his DVD he opened it and it was scratched then he asked her what happened Alisi said i don’t know how that got there.

when they were finished doing her play she gave us a worksheet to do it was a reading work that we have to read then fill in the gaps then when we were finished we had to go over the work and some of us got it right and some got it wrong after that we got another worksheet to do  and it was about who do you trust and we had to put in 4 names we trust.

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