Wednesday, 29 October 2014

being healthy

Activity 1 - Building a Healthy Body

With a partner, discuss the questions below. Be prepared to report back to the class
on your ideas.

1. What two kinds of food provide us with good, long-lasting sources of energy?
specially fruit and vegetables because it gives us lots the energy and and lots of good runing when it is cross-country and you can become first only if you are being healthy and sporty.
Why is it important to eat more of one than the other?
Fruits and vegetables is the healthiest thing on earth  because fruits are good for health and vegetable are good to eat because it is healthy if you vegetables it will be good for you to go go a run and all kind of sports.
2. Imagine that the school athletics day is going to take place in two months and you
want to do as well as you can. How would you prepare?
All of us will drink water and eat fruit and vegetables like carrot we will prepare lots of water and fruit and vegetables but vegetables gives you energy, fruits gives you lots of sporty energy.What have you learnt about? Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to help you get healthy and spotty for spots and training for though and all of the other sport thing.
building a healthy body that will help you to prepare?
We will all have healthy lunch eat fruit drink of water lots of healthy stuff to eat and drink you can be fit healthy and flexible with fruit and vegetables.
3. Discuss the liquids you usually drink. Which ones are the right kinds of drink for a
healthy body?
We always have to drink the right thing and it is water healthy water not water from shops because they are flavoured water only drink the water from your house and you can go everywhere with water like going to the movies with the and fruit and vegetables.
Use what you know about sugar to explain what drinking too much
fizzy drink might do?
When we drink fizzy and eat food with sugar inside it you will grow fat inside of you and you wouldn't be able to do cross-country and be sporty for sports we will always have to drink water because water gives us lot and lots of energy we live with water and fruit and vegetables because it give us loads of energy.

This is about keeping healthy and fit with healthy food and water and when we eat some 
vegetables and fruit and it is about being healthy.

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